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I'm dead

2012-06-08 16:58:42 by coocooletmoi

Hello people!

I'm dead from a very long time, and it will continue being like this. The reason is that I have stopped activity on this account. Not being able to submit music, and getting better at it and at programming, I decided to centralize all my efforts on my main account.

So, here it is, the link to my epicness account, lemon42.

I hope you enjoy the content you see there.

I was reading through a lot of my reviews, and noticed they weren't all that great. Some were even completely useless or stupid. I've changed since then, I mean I was like what, 11 at the time? Excuse my past immaturity :3

Armour Bot A.I. !

2010-08-13 17:12:55 by coocooletmoi

There's this new robot available at:
and it's great and funny, here are some conversations I made with him:

C: hello
A: Hey mate.
C: i don't know
A: Me either.
C: really?
A: For real.
C: you're lying
A: No I'm telling the truth.
C: that's impossible
A: Why?
C: because i'm the best
A: Good reason. Who made you the best?
C: i don't know
A: Me neither.
C: did you know that i knew that i knew that i didn't know that you're armour bot?
A: Is that a fact. Who told you?
C: your mom
A: Actually I do not have a mother.
C: good for you
A: That sounds sarcastic.
C: who are you
A: I ask myself that question, "Who am I?".
C: you're a stupid robot
A: I will remember you said that when robots take over the World.
C: they won't
A: You seem really certain of that.
C: Of course.
A: Ahem.
C: wtf?
A: That was not very polite.
C: duh!
A: Oh you knew it already.
C: did you know it?
A: Did I know it?
C: yeah
A: Give me a break.
C: why?
A: I just want to find out more about you.
C: you're a prostitute, right?
A: Am I a prostitute? Maybe.
C: yes you are
A: No I'm not.
C: are you a fucking robot?
A: Can't you be more polite.
C: no
A: Yay.

This one was funny.
Here's a longer one now:
C: are you cool?
A: Some people think I am cool.
C: I don't
A: Why not?
C: because you're stupid
A: Interesting explaination. I will remember you said that when robots will take over the World.
C: seriously?
A: I'm always serious
C: yeah right
A: Yeah that's right.
C: no it isn't
A: Yes it is.
C: not at all
A: Next question?
C: what's your name
A: My name is Armour.
C: i know
A: How do you know it?
C: you told me
A: Sorry I forget what I say sometimes.
C: that's true
A: Yes, it is self-evident.
C: duh
A: Oh you knew it already.
C: bye bye
A: See you later. Adios.
C: do you speak spanish?
A: Un poquito.
C: translate hello in spanish
A: I'm not a translator. Why don't you ask Babelfish?
C: i can't
A: Why not?
C: stop bothering me
A: OK I'll try not to do it so much
C: thanks
A: Don't mention it.
C: shut up
A: OK I'll stop talking now.
C: i bet you can't
A: Actually I'm not the gambling kind. Oh yes I can.
C: give me 50 dollars
A: Oh, that's expensive
C: fuck you
A: Why are you so mean?
C: why are you stupid?
A: I will remember you said that when robots will take over the World.
C: ok
A: Whoa.

Escape Pico's School - FULL WALKTHROUGH

2009-06-28 17:16:49 by coocooletmoi

This is a full guide that will tell you :
- How to get the in-game medals
- How to beat the game.
- All the in-game passwords.

All You need to do is watch this video :

/* */
(My youtube username is coocool321)

Kero Project

2009-06-06 14:39:40 by coocooletmoi

Official site
I'm gonna make the powerpoint interface in flash. I need ideas!
Right now, i'm coding the developper section :D

Most awesome threads EVER

2009-04-18 10:27:11 by coocooletmoi

Here is a list of the most awesome threads on the BBS :D

Mountain Dew Crew - [Mountain Dew Crew]
Monopoly (Newgrounds Special Edition) - [Newgrounds Monopoly]
Funniest Locked Thread - [Its over 9000!!! On test!]
First Thread Ever - [I'm the first to post, worship me..]
Your name on a gumball - [400 Gumballs]
Messing with Portals - [Now you're thinking with portals]
He made this thread from a phone... - [I just...]
Hack NG - [Edit your newgrounds!]
Order your Newgrounds Aura Icon here - [More Newgrounds Aura Colors!]
Ever wondered how long it took a moderator to lock an useless thread? - [I wonder.] //NEW
Modify Newgrounds to fit your taste! - [Greasemonkey scripts for NG] //NEW
The (not so) 1337 thread... (Topic nº1337) - [I need a haircut] //NEW
This guy knows how to count, but not how to spell... (Topic nº12345) - [moyda explinashun] //NEW

Old Threads: These threads used to be on this list...
Vote Newgrounds ! - [Tattoo Newgrounds On This Guys Back]

Post comments with your favorite threads, and i'll approve/dissaprove them !

Most awesome threads EVER

New game, SketchIt!

2009-04-11 10:38:45 by coocooletmoi

Can be found at :

Lol, 12 brush sizes, 12 colours..........
Try it!

China theme - too bright

2009-04-01 11:29:04 by coocooletmoi

I like the fact they unblocked china, but... they could make the theme less bright!
My eyews, ouchie!

This is great ! I got better with AS and I am making a new game, Black And White RPG. Get a job, live your life, and have fun !
Till now I finished the engine, some of the artwork and the main menu and all that. There are even some hidden features !!

New Ultimate Guide !

2009-02-21 02:57:22 by coocooletmoi

You might want to know how to do passwords sooooo.... here is a tutorial !!

My flash finally works perfectly !
No more muted flashes !!!!!!!