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I was really like WTF...

Another good flash!
But maybe you should make a sequel with that pick-a-boo guy in it :)


After such as short trailer I really don't want to wait for the movie.

Keep them coming!

Team Rocket finally came in! Was waiting for that!

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You have really worked on this. It's amazing to see how small the Earth is...
Thanks, anybody should have a look at this!

This is too simple

Maybe you should add a score indicator, and more things: shooting sounds, dying sounds, reloading sounds, and make people actually die and not just move over and over...

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Wow. This is an amazing masterpiece. Just at the start, the song tries to keep you interested, thing which it does very well. Then there is an awesome lead playing. I am having trouble discribing this song. It's such an epic, such an amazing song, I'd play it for a lot of time. The melody is very repetitive but there is so much awesome stuff around it that I didn't even notice until my 6th listening! :O
Basically, except from being repetitive, the song is.. undescriptible!
What you've got there is awesome sauce with some epic condiment! Keep it up! :D

5/5 - 9/10

That was an awesome trip through the sound of epicness. Keep making music and someday you'll get high.
- coocooletmoi


Now, take it a step further. I felt the lead part was very dull and monotone. Don't know why. The beat is also very simple, maybe you could work on it a bit? I also felt that this is not complete. The end feels... empty. And the song is way too repetitive. You need more instruments in this! :D
Other than that, I love your old songs. But this one still isn't as good as your older ones. Add some piano in the middle of the song, and you'll get there. Violin maybe? I don't know why, but those instruments are epic.
Hope I can hear some good songs again,
- coocooletmoi

Loud. Really loud.

Wow. This song is quite amazing. The only things I don't really like is that there are many instruments and is not really easy to listen to when you're used to smooth music. Anyway, the melody is pretty nice, as always, and there is a little blend of bass and arp that's really baffling. But.. I can't hear much from 0:55~ until 01:15. Is that a problem, or was it done on purpose? I find that the volume of your songs is sometimes pretty low. Otherwise, the main melody and the synths are really good, but in my opinion it's too... overwhelming. I mean, look: bassline + percussion + arp + loud synth + pads, I think that's a pretty harsh combination. Maybe lowering the background static noise which I personnaly dislike a bit could help? Not sure. Other than all that I'd like to say it's quite nice compared to some other submissions you did but I still think that this new style you've got doesn't quite fit me.

- coocooletmoi

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Go Daft Punk!

Cool art. Fav'd.
Make more :D


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